2021 Open Gate International Film Festival Award Winners & Nominations

Best Picture
Crippled (Peter J.S. Regan)

Best Comedy 
50 Years Later (Dion Williams)

Best Student Film
Parenthood 2050 (Svetlana Bolycheva)

Best Drama 
A Clockwork Heart (David Lawson)

Best Animation
Behind The Glass (Pedro de la Llave)

Best Ensemble
The Grilled Cheese Party

Best Music Video
I Think He Knew (Kyle Bahl)

Best Director
Kyle Gregory (Blood Brothers)

Best Actress
Pamela Jayne Morgan (Blood Brothers


Best Actor
Matthew Stannah (Graffiti)

Best Young Actress
Reagan Crichlow (The Grilled Cheese Party)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Mick Cusimano


Rising Star Award: Sponsored By FinalDraft
Charlie Norton

2021 Nominations

Best Picture Nominations

Best Comedy Nominations

Best Drama Nominations

Best Animation Nominations

Best Student Film Nominations

Best Ensemble Nominations

Best Director Nominations

J. Lauren Romero& Nicholas A. Demmy (Concession)

Peter J.S. Regan (Crippled)

Petros Ktenas (Nightfeed 1.0)

Sitoh Ortega (Caress)

Best Actress Nominations

Amanda Santos-Caress

Annabelle Collins-Trafficked

Jacqueline Scholl-In The Company Of Crows

Rosemary Pacheco- The Grilled Cheese Party

Best Actor Nominations

Alex Portenko- Blood Brothers

Peter J.S. Regan- Crippled